Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flower power.

We are planning to commit one of the biggest DIY wedding sins (according to the magazines/books/websites I have read). We are going to do our own flowers. And by we, I mean me and my lady friends, because Dickie is fairly useless in that area! Everything I have read by "the professionals" so far states DO NOT DO YOUR OWN WEDDING FLOWERS. Apparently it is the sure way to disaster. But I hate the look of  overdone, fussy flowers, not to mention they will not suit the vintage/homemade theme of our wedding.
To hell with them, I am going to do it anyway, just like Pretty Little Pictures did for her wedding...and how lovely do they look!
So, as we are getting married in the same area my parents live, and they happen to have a garden bursting with flowers, and we happen to be getting married in spring, I thought..."why not?".
While I was in New Zealand I hit up all the local op shops, and buttered up all the little old ladies I could, in an effort to get some cool stuff...and it worked! Not only did I get a free veil (more on that later), but I also got a huge Thai silk 80's style wedding dress for $10. It had rips in the armpits so was unwearable, but I have all sorts of plans for it....I have cut off the lacy hem (metres of it!) and will be using it to wrap the stems of my bouquets, fastened with vintage brooches. The flowers on the tables will be informal bunches in old preserve jars, which I got for free from the local recycling centre, so the total flower cost should be less than $50 (I will need some florist tape, osmosis plus the cost of the old dress). Three bouquets, four buttonholes, and twelve vases for the tables....phew!

Here's some looks I love...

From here.

From here.

From here.

I LOVE this one from here. A great tutorial for the DIY girl!

Here is my mock up of the reception tables...setup in my mothers art studio before I left New Zealand a few weeks ago....

Happy new years everybody!

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  1. I bet you will save tons by doing the flowers yourself! My favourite is the 4th down with the little bow around it.
    And the dress i was wearing is from TEMT I think.



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