Thursday, June 10, 2010

The dress that never was.

So this is the dress I brought off Etsy. My heart still breaks a little when I look at it, but I just can't reconcile myself to the length. It is too short so the dress and I are not meant to be. I have only recently discovered that I am actually tall. One would think that I might have figured it out years ago, like when I stopped growing for example, but this is not the case. For almost my entire life I have believed myself to be average to short. It wasn't until a month or so ago when a friend looked at me like I was slightly retarded and said "But Vicci, you are quite tall...". Thats when I finally understood why jeans and maxi dresses were never long enough...all these years I thought it was because my generous bum was using up the extra fabric, it now appears that is not the case. I am simply fairly tall. In my defense, I am the oldest of five children, yet all my siblings are taller than me. I have forever been told that I am a midget, and short. Now of course I realise that they are just extra tall! Its funny how you get perceptions about yourself, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I blame my family and their brainwashing!


  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha..... I have the opposite issue. I can't believe I'm really as short as I am. Not to sound stupid; I know that I'm short but sometimes I see photos of me standing next to my average to fairly tall friends & I'm surprised by just how short I really am! lol. Ummmmmmmm... That is a really nice dress...are you selling it? :)

  2. ohh too bad about the dress :( and is that the one you were going to wear to a wedding? maybe you can find a similar one.
    I think im average height, seen as all my friends are about the same. I find the opposite that jeans are too long! gahh very annoying to take up.


  3. That dress is so pretty Vicci. The colour would be great on you, and perfect for a wedding. Can you cut it down so its a mid-length dress?


    (your tall friend) Gemma

  4. Oooh that dress is so beautiful! Surely there is some way to make it wearable?
    What about knotting the bottom to show off an amazing pair of shoes?
    Like this:

  5. Yeah I was going to suggest cutting it to mid lenght, or piglets suggestion means that you don't have to cut it.

    The colour is lovely and would look amazing on you!


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