Monday, May 10, 2010

What I won't wear...

This is what I planned to wear today. Dress $2 and jacket $7 both thrifted, tights $8 from Target and boots $15 DFO. Before I even left the house I had replaced the boots with flats, as I have dodgy knees and these just make them so much worse! Within the hour I had also removed the tights, I tried, I really tried, but I just can't stand wearing them! It will be bare legs for me this winter, unless I can find a TRULY suitable pair.

So this is what I actully wore. Sooooooo much more comfortable! I am getting to old to wander around feeling uptight and wretched.

A close-up of my cute little necklace, thrifted from the Camberwell markets this weekend.
So what clothing can you guys not stand, no matter how hard you try?


  1. Tights make me feel like sausage in a casing. Unattractive but there you go. So I'm with you all the way about bare legs for winter.

  2. I can't handle blazers, my arms feel trapped!

    I'd suggest trying soft cotton blend tights. They're warm and comfortable and not as suffocating as normal tights and not scratchy like wool.

  3. Its a shame you cant wear tights, im loving tights lately, it means I can still wear my dresses now that its getting colder. I do like how your outfit ended up though.
    I agree with Piglet, cotton tights may be worth a try.


  4. Hi from Scotland! I'm a high street devotee just developing an interest in thrifting. Love your stripey dress, what a great price too! x

  5. Lovely stripes, also love your little necklace. Why don't you like tights? I find that I have to buy the extra tall ones otherwise they are too short and get really uncomfortable in the crotch area (sorry for writing crotch (twice) on your blog :) ).


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