Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love country opshops.

 On our weekend road trip we drove through many small, and slightly abandoned looking towns. Don't get me wrong...I love small towns, they feel so familiar. You can imagine yourself buying a cheap cottage, growing prize-winning flowers, chatting with the neighbours...owning all the cats you want.
The feeling that time forgot these places is strong, prehaps thats why they feel so comfortable?
In one of these tiny quiet towns we stumbled across a goldmine! An opshop that is. An old weatherboard church, damp and musty, complete with a pair of fragile elderly women minding the piles and piles of stuff that people no longer want. I love opshops like this! The forgotten ones, the ones that really only true bargin hunters will visit, because they are too "dirty" for many of todays vintage hunters.

I was like a child, giddy with excitement! I brought some sweet old fashioned glass dishes, a pair of old girls annuals, a 90's style floral rayon wrap dress, a fluffy beaded 80's jersey, a black patent leather handbag (in perfect condition), some retro wallpaper and best of all a lightweight navy wool blazer with gold buttons...all for $11! I'm all about blazers at the moment, comfy, flattering and warm...what more could a girl want?

It really was a somewhat run down opshop.

Look at all that treasure...

The road trip was part of a surprise weekend away, all planned by The Boyfriend.
Why? Because its my birthday! I am now 27......





    See you soooooooooon

  2. Happy birthday, Vicci! And what better way to spend a birthday than to go shopping and get a bargain. I cannot believe you got all of that stuff for $11.

  3. Happy birthday!
    I turn 27 this year too (eeek!)

    That op-shop sounds amazing! The ones that haven't been picked over are always such a treat!


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