Thursday, April 8, 2010

I have been doing stuff.

Like going to the Melbourne Garden Show.

There was some amazing displays and sculptures...if only we had a garden!

I brought a new dress. And then The Boyfriend shrunk it in the wash, its now only suitable for a small child. 
I didn't really love it anyway!

I borought this dress for $8 at the Camberwell markets. The picture is really terrible, but it has fish all over it.

These boots are my latest favourite thing! I got them for $15 from DFO. Its really hard to find flattering ankle boots when you have heavy legs like me. I have been looking for ages, but even the most expensive boots still made it look like someone had cut me off at the knees! Then a couple of weeks ago I had been shopping all day and was tired and crabby. Just as I walked out of DFO I tried these on...and like a miracle they were everything I had been looking for....and 80% off. Yay!

Over easter we had a pinic on the Yarra.

And on Monday we went out for dinner!


  1. Ohh that garden show looks lovely! I wish we had one of those in Adelaide.
    The pink dress looks really nice, especially with the that the one that shrunk?
    Good to hear you had a nice easter :)


  2. Oh the fish dress is so cute!
    And yay for finding the perfect boots!
    By the way, that picture looking over the Yarra is so lovely.

  3. Oooh the garden show looks lovely. Fully agree with heavy legs and boots in general grrr. But those ones look good :)

  4. I love love that fish dress. Love the boots too!


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