Monday, March 29, 2010

I want it, I want it!

I want this postcard so bad I can taste it (though i'm pretty sure it won't taste that great...)
As I  impatiently wait for the seller to get back to me (goodness knows if they will post to this far flung corner of the world!) I am imagining it framed on my wall....
I hate waiting.


  1. Wow. Surely it's not too hard for them to post a postcard! (safely packages of course!)

  2. That is a really cool postcard! Reminds me a little of the start of the Wizard of Oz. It would look amazing framed!

  3. Also.. I'm heading over to Melbourne in a few weeks if you wanted to do coffee or something? I'm only there a couple of days, so may not have time though. But is there anything that you would recommend doing? Shopping, sight-seeing or otherwise??


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