Saturday, December 5, 2009

teddy bears picnic.

Our afternoon was spent at the Melbourne botanic gardens with a group of friends. We made ourselves a wee picnic, brought a few bottles of wine and gossiped the beautiful afternoon away.

I wore a comfy T-shirt material dress that I have had for ages, with my two gold coated bird brooches ($1 each from the op shop at Middle Brighton, Melbourne)

My new red shoes (flats! the first pair I have brought in ages, I normally only wear heels!), and an awesome silver ring from Peru, given to me by my friend N! (and what an awesome friend she is....:-)

A few beers and wines later things got a bit silly, including headstands, tree climbing, cricket (with a branch for a bat, a ball of tinfoil and some dubious rules) plus general jumping around!

Then we all went home...I could have gone out with the girls, but I am still suffering from Thursday night!


  1. I just love those bird pins!
    Looks like a fun day, love the jumping shot!

  2. Your birds are a great addition to the dress. I love picnics, my bf and I often go on one.
    I do still have my other blog, there is a link/logo to it on the sidebar of my Roses r Red blog :)



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