Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Easy come, easy go.

Sunday was spent hitting up the markets for our final christmas presents, it was hot and I think i spent the day in a state of mild dehydration...
I started out by wearing the above dress, brought for $4 a few months ago. It was longer and white, but I shortened and dyed it. This was my first outing in this number, but after half an hour I decided I didn't like it. Now it is languishing in the "send to the op shop" box in our hallway...
It just made me feel so blah.

So I swapped it out for this dress, $8 from Savers Dandenong. I love the colour and the fabric, it made me so felt much better!

Later, with our car crammed with people, a road tip was made to the Dandenong ranges. Ice cream, olives and freshly squeezed orange juice were consumed in vast quantities. A huge amount of time was spent in the fantastic Mangana, where we managed to complete our christmas shopping! It is the most amazing shop, seriously, we spent HOURS in there!

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