Sunday, November 22, 2009

Road trippin...

As I mentioned in my last post, this weekend the boy and I travelled inland to Bendigo. We often go on wee trips like this, and look forward to them the way others would anticipate an overseas trip! Frequently people will ask what I'm doing in the weekend, and when I reply that I will be exploring part of Victoria they often ask the twenty thousand dollar question...."why?!". To me it always seems odd that some people have no desire to explore their surroundings. I will happily spend days exploring the neighbourhoods around me just because i am curious (and so i can figure out where all the op shops are located...)

But I ask you, why don't people want to explore? The thought of missing out on things drives me to keep on finding new things and places...just to see what is there.Yet, I have a friend who emigrated from the UK (leaving all her family behind) to New Zealand, brought a car AND FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS NEVER WENT ANYWHERE OUTSIDE OF HER NEIGHBOURHOOD! The same places and routine, for years! I asked her why she would come all this way, then not explore her new country, and she said that it just didn't interest her. It truly befuddles me.

Thankfully the Boyfriend shares my love of seeking out new things, if not then our relationship would have expired years ago. I am not a "sit on the couch all day" type of person, I am a "hhheeeyyy.....we have never been there..." kind of girl!
The trip to Bendigo was lovely. We rambled through all sorts of little towns, most in an ongoing state of gentle decay since the gold mining days. I wore my new favourite dress, $3 from the Laverton rubble and riches market, my target sandals, plus various thrifted/gifted/etsy brought jewelery.

At Malmsbury we stopped to take some pictures in a street of apparently long abandoned buildings. They all had lovely overgrown gardens, I was very tempted to pick some flowers, but they would have wilted in the car...
We also found this friendly lonesome horse in a nearby paddock...we feed him handfuls of clover....but the Boyfriend decided I had had enough excitement after I said I wanted to take him home with us...

Who wouldn't want to take him home...look at his cute wee face!?

Once we arrived in Bendigo, and found somewhere to stay the night, it was late afternoon. The heavy rain that the whether men had been promising for days was hanging over the city, making everything smell divine, especially the spicy smell of the gumtrees.

At the top of a satellite tower in one of the surrounding parks, we watched the incoming storm roll across the bush...

And got to the car just in time, as it started to pour down! A yummy meal at a local Chinese restaurant was called for, after which we settled into our bunk room at the Bendigo bush cabins, basic, but comfy. Of course, I soon got bored, and once the rain had passed I dragged the boyfriend out for a moonlit walk through the surrounding gum forest....
But we freaked ourselves out with thoughts of wolf creek, and ran back to our safe little room!

The sky was black and heavy with rain clouds the next day, and we drove through a fierce storm back to Melbourne. We didn't mind the rain, the region needs it...everything is brown, even the grass, and its only spring :-(


  1. This looks so fun! I am totally jealous of your weekend and your man- I can't ever find a man that wants to go adventuring with me. Maybe thats why I'm still single!

  2. True, people don't take advantage of the opportunity to travel really. Looks like so much fun, look at the cute horsey!

  3. I think I'm slowly falling into that category, you know, the ones who move to a new place but never end up exploring the country! I've lived in New Zealand for over 11 years now, and I've only been on ONE road trip up north. SHOCKING!!!!!! I'm so horrified at myself. Therefore, some friends and I have been planning to do another road trip, this time to the south island! >:) Travelling is so much fun, but at the same time, it can be an easy thing to just put off for the future. So sad... :(

  4. Awww that horse is adorable! I would have wanted to adopt him too!

  5. Looks like a lovely time you had. My bf and I do similar things to you guys, always going somewhere for walks. I dont like staying indoors when ive been in the hospital for 5 days...lack of sunlight i think. I dont know how some couples can just sit home all their free time, i would go nuts. I can see why you wanted to take Mr horsey home :) so cute!



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