Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things I lust after on esty.

Both of these dresses are from Green Violet Vintage, a shop which I fully intend on buying something from one day! Megan stocks some lovely large and plus size options, and I am VERY much in love with the floral dress, alas it is too big in the bust and waist for me...I hope it finds a good home!

This cute sailor dress is from Second Wind Vintage, this girl has all sorts of great stuff in her shop.

I adore this silk top from Sewn In Pieces. The background is great too!

A cute floaty floral dress from Past Times Vintage.

I am very tempted by this one from Gotta B Vintage...

Don't ya just LOVE the pattern on this dress, I do! From Miss Modular Vintage.

Well, that's only part of my favourites list, I'm sure I will do more posts like this in the future!


  1. Thanks for including me! I know what you mean about that floral dress, but in the opposite direction, if I drop 5 pounds (that are magically in the chest) I'm keeping it for myself because it is perfect!

  2. Ooooh very pretty! I always save heaps of lovely dresses on Etsy praying that they will go on sale or offer free shipping!
    I'm sure you have the same problem as me, by they time you add shipping and convert currencies - yikes!
    Though I imagine not quite so yikes for Australia :D


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