Saturday, September 5, 2009

Introducing Herbert, and my onesie!

This little fellow is our new cactus, who we brought at the Rose street market this afternoon. The boyfriend promptly named him Herbert, for reasons known only to him!
After looking at all the wonderful things at the market, we wandered down Brunswick street, stopping for gelato and pho, mmmmm.

Today I decided to debut my version of the onesie. I am very envious of the girls with stunning legs who have spent the northern summer in little shorts and onesies, but alas I was not blessed with legs to die for. They do work though, so i'm thankful for that. I stumbled across this one on Trade me a few weeks ago, and have been waiting for warmer weather to wear it!
Its hard to tell from the photos, but bottom is a pair of very floaty "pants", and it has a racer back and cool gathering under the bust...super comfy to wear :-)
I felt rather elegant all day, now I'm on the hunt for a pair of pants with the same floaty feel.
I have also managed to find the most perfect off white silk jacket on trade me...I'm addicted!

Onesie $10.50 from Trade me. Cardy $10 from Tree of life. Shoe, purse and jewellery all thrifted.


  1. You're definitely a brave lady to break out the jumpsuit. At least in Australia, people wouldn't really bat an eye but I don't know how it would go down here in Wellington! You look very chic and Katherine Hepburn-ish in the trademe purchase. Happy bidding.

  2. Hello NZ 'er living in Oz. Yay, I love stumbling across nz'ers, whether they be here or not :) Are you in Melbourne? I hope to move there next year, but it all depends on the boy and where he ends up with a scholarship.

  3. Hey Vicci! If you are really interested in that jumpsuit- I'd love to give you a special lovely reader of my blog discount! Say 15% off? Just send me a convo about it on etsy or email me if you are interested!


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