Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These boots were made for walking.

I have mentioned before that I find it very hard to find boots, due to my slim ankles/huge calves issue. It is nearly impossible on this side of the world to find a boot that will stretch to encompass a large calve, unless you are willing to spend a fortune getting them made or buying them off the net. Due to this I had decided to stop looking, as my heart was continually being broken!
But while browsing the web a few nights ago I stumbled across pictures like this, this and this.
WOW! I thought, maybe I should get some cowboy boots! I knew that retrostar in central Melbourne sold vintage cowboy boots, so after two hours of endless trying on, I narrowed it down to three contenders, and the boots above were the winners! They are from the states, made by Olathe boots, in Olathe Kansas, I love vintage stuff from the states...
Super comfortable and they fit so well, I have been wearing them everywhere, you will be seeing more of these :-)


  1. Yay! Its always a great feeling to find the perfect boots.

  2. Thats great you found some boots you like. I remember you mentioning that you had trouble finding some.
    I like the dress your wearing too.
    Stirling is beautiful, not sure if youve been to the Adelaide hills? theres so many pretty suburbs up there.



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