Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sitting in the fireplace.

The last few weeks have been busy for us. We found out that a water pipe had burst under the house and we had less than a day to move, I was not pleased. We then lived like squatters in an old villa our landlord had recently brought, until we were able to move into a new and better flat(yay!). Even though it was cold, drafty, and the shower was terrible, I grew to like the villa we stayed in. This was mostly due to the beautiful period details all through the house, the tiling in the bathroom was stunning, I tried to take photos, but they didn't do it justice. On my last night there I was home alone and bored (a lethal combination). I tried to suffer my way through the Aussie movie "we of the never never", it sounds terribly romantic, but its really just terrible.
So, for lack of better things to do (ie read a book, do the laundry, write letters to my friends) I decided I would take pictures of me with my favourite parts of the house. And this one turned out the best. I don't think the fireplace was original to the house, but I liked it just the same!

Skirt: an op shop in Emerald
T-shirt: the boyfriends
Shoes: Table eight
Belt: thrifted

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