Monday, July 27, 2009

A rainy rainy day.

Man these photos are bad!After a lazy morning in bed I found the energy to drag myself out and face the world. The afternoon was spent drinking and eating the rainy afternoon away with some new friends :-)
What a terrible life I lead!
I brought this dress yesterday from Poppet, after finding out about the shop through this blog.
It is lovely and easy to wear, I was warm and comfy all day, and I felt pretty! The biggest bonus of all was that it was only $10. I am wearing it with a thrifted waistcoat from the sallies, and my wool/cashmere blend coat from Savemart in New zealand. If any of you venture to Melbourne I recommend you go to The French Lettuce and get one of their yummy vanilla slices. I don't usually even like vanilla slice, but I'm addicted to these ones!


  1. What's a vanilla slice? A slice that taste of vanilla? Hmmm...I might have to investigate. I like the wee brooches you have on your jacket actually. I like the colour of the dress.

  2. oh you are so cute. i love the lavender dress. and the vest is just perfect!

    have a great day!

  3. hey, the dress looks great!
    i love how you teamed it with the vest.
    genius :)


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