Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stripes and early mornings

I got this dress for $8 at an op shop in Hampton,
it still had its original tags attached,
and has a definite 80's look to it.
It was mid-calf length (ugggh)
so I shortened it
and now I have another cute dress,
with pockets and buttons on the shoulders and waist-cinching side ties :-)

We were woken up early this morning by a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses
wanting to bring us "the word of god"
Now I have no problem with people having individual faiths
That is their personal choice
But I do have a problem when it is forced down my throat
Or people turn up at my house at the crack of dawn
trying to give me magazines I don't want
And telling me to repent my sins and turn to god
I don't knock on their doors and demand they become atheists
So I gave them marching orders
I don't think they will be back.
On another subject,
Can anyone tell me if Auckland is as bad as I keep hearing?
And what is Rodney like?
Hope your day started better than mine!


  1. Cute dress. I love the colours!

  2. Love the pastel colors so cute. Well my friend live up in Auckland and loves it but some people just can't stand it really. As a tourist I don't really mind Auckland, but that's from my christchurch point of view.

  3. oh what a pretty dress! i love the play os stripes on it and the colors too. Perfect for summer!

  4. Such beautiful candy coloured goodness! Ek, that sounds like a very irritating way to be woken up.


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